Based on Riane Eisler's Cultural Transformation Theory, the Partnership Model of Family Organization takes partnership principles and brings them home by providing a practical framework for transforming families. Here are the "8 C's" of Partnership Families:

Partnership Model of Family Organization (PMFO)

8 C's of Partnership Families


1) Cooperative ADULT Leadership

egalitarian relationships

actualization hierarchy

mutual decision making

authoritative parenting style

2) Connecting Orientation

secure attachments

process oriented

interconnection with larger groups

3) Caretaking Emphasis

caring is highly valued

caring for each other is seen as a shared responsibility

all members participate in caring

caretaking as valued as paid employment

4) Collaborative Roles and Rules

fluidity in gender expectations

moving from roles to rules

expansion of acceptable behaviors for males and females

5) Celebration of Masculine and Feminine Contributions

contributions of males and females in family life are celebrated

de-emphasis on gender differences and stereotypes

integration of "masculine" and "feminine" in each individual

6) Compassionate Communication

development of peaceful communication skills

non-violent conflict resolution

practice of self-compassion

7) Conscious Language Usage

words choices reflect awareness of diversity and gender inclusion

language includes shared responsibility for caring

circularity and complexity are acknowledged and embraced

8) Creation and Collection of Partnership Stories

conscious inclusion of partnership themed stories, myths, and religious texts

inclusion of feminine divine

encouragement of creativity as daily practice

support of women's creative work


(c) 2015 Julie de Azevedo Hanks