Partnership Family Survey

I am looking for examples of how real people integrate partnership principles into family life. I would love to hear your stories and examples of partnership to use as case studies and examples. Please fill out the form below. and thank you so much for helping to share the values of partnership!

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thank you so much for Your willingNess to Participate! I am so grateful.

I give Dr. Julie Hanks permission to use excerpts from my responses in future presentations, writings, research, papers, etc.? (All names and identifying information will be changed)
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Cooperative parental leadership is characterized by egalitarian relationships, concern for the actualization and growth of all family members, mutual decision making, and authoritative parenting style. Please share a concrete example of how your family has integrated any or all of these factors into your life. How have you and/or your partner (or other family members) supported your actualization in tangible/concrete ways?
Partnership families value each family members need and goals equally, instead of ranking individual's need and desires (i.e. whoever makes more money has more power, education is more important for males). Connection orientation is characterized by secure emotional attachments (family members share a strong bond, are available to support, comfort and help), process-oriented interactions (i.e. when conflict there is more focus on the process than the task), interconnection with larger groups (extended family, community, global, earth). What are some specific examples of ways that you have incorporated any or all of these elements into family life? How do you structure around linking and connecting (instead of ranking and competing)?
In partnership families, caring for each other and for the household is a family responsibility (not solely a woman's job), and caring for other human beings is seen as valuable work. Please share examples of how you, your partner, and your children take care of each other. I'm particularly interested in ways that are unique or uncommon. How do you, your partner, and children negotiate childcare and home responsibilities? How did you come to those decisions?
This is characterized by fluidity in gender expectations, moving from rigid roles to rules of engagement, and the expansion of acceptable behaviors for males and females. Please share a specific example of fluidity in gender roles and expectations. What are some of your family rules?
This is demonstrated by acknowledging the contributions of males and females in family life, a de-emphasis on gender differences and stereotypes, and integration of "masculine" and "feminine" in each individual. In dominator organizations contributions associated with males and "masculinity" (strength, force, intimidation) are more highly valued than traditionally "feminine" contributions (nurturing, caring, empathy). Please share a concrete example of how you and your family have embodied any or all of these aspects.
This aspect of partnership families is about HOW your family communicates. Do you have any examples of moving toward peaceful problem solving and moving away from fear, force, intimidation, sarcasm, ranking that are common in Western culture? Do you have any examples of individuals in your family practicing self-compassion?
This speaks to WHAT we say, the words we choose to use when we communicate in family life This includes words choices that reflect awareness of diversity and gender inclusion, language includes shared responsibility for caring, and in which circularity and complexity are acknowledged and embraced. Please share any instances of shifting your words to that illustrates awareness of share family responsibility (our children, instead of my children), demonstrate awareness of process over product (relationships over task), and toward gender, race, sexual inclusivity (we have banned the putdown phrase "don't be such a girl")?
This is characterized by the conscious inclusion of partnership themed stories, myths, and religious texts, and the encouragement of creativity as daily practice. Please share any examples of integration of books, media, visual art, movies that demonstrate partnership values, that have female main characters, and show respect for humanity? I am particularly interested in ways you've integrated or highlighted women or feminine divine in religious texts.